Federalist Alliance for Democracy and Development in Uganda

Deeply agrieved by the intolerable injustice, suffering, insecurity, poverty, corruption, political repression, suppression of the media and victimization and murder of innocent Ugandans are painfully enduring without redress;

A group of Ugandans determined and dedicated to confront and eradicate the problems and vices listed above was inspired to establish an organization known as the Federalist Alliance for Democracy and Development in Uganda (FADDU). FADDU is guided by the principles of integrity, objectivity, accountability, impartiality and genuine dedication and commitment to fight for the liberation of the motherland by protecting political freedom for all citizens. We firmly believe that political freedom is universally recognized and protected under international law and it is founded on the values that guarantee and protect individual liberty, cultural heritage and self-determination of all people and their collective rights to democratic governance.

The Main Objectives of FADDU articulated in FADDU's constitution include:

  • to educate the people about their rights and how to protect and enforce them through free discussion, debate and effective participation in the political process;

  • to engage in research and dissemination of information for the purpose of exposing hypocrisy, the dangers of dogmatic political doctrines and the causes of corruption in our society and government;

  • to advocate and promote protection of fundamental human rights and good governance in Uganda as a means to foster harmony, peace and progress in society;

  • to condemn and rectify pervasive injustice in society and all national institutions;

  • and, ultimately, to explain the causes of and find effective solutions to injustice, insecurity, poverty and the lack of development in our society.

FADDU is the product of a Ugandan community effort dedicated to the achievement of our collective objectives of liberating Uganda. Achieving our collective objectives requires the support and active and selfless participation of the members of the Uganda community. We, therefore, call upon all members of our community to join us in this noble cause by participating in and supporting FADDU in the struggle to liberate our people. Contribution in this effort in any form is encouraged and greatly appreciated. We are an open, transparent, accountable organization dedicated to serve and promote the interests of all Ugandans and the nation of Uganda without discrimination in any form whatsoever.